Dinner With Ease

Snickers Bar Blondie

A Snickers Bar Blondie is a delightful twist on the classic blondie dessert, combining the rich, buttery goodness of a traditional blondie with the irresistible flavors of a Snickers candy bar. This dessert is a perfect marriage of chewy and fudgy textures, enhanced by gooey caramel, crunchy peanuts, and creamy milk chocolate chunks. Each bite offers a delicious contrast of sweet and salty flavors. This Blondie is a delightful dessert, perfect for afternoon tea with a cuppa. 

How to prepare: Defrost in the fridge, remove from packaging and enjoy. 

Ingredients: Flour, brown sugar, butter, chocolate chips, eggs, salt, peanuts, vanilla, peanut butter, snickers bar pieces- milk chocolate, caramel, nougat, sugar, glucose, milk solids, cocoa, butter, cocoa mass, oil, vegetable fat, salt, emulsifier, eggs. 

*This is a frozen product, once defrosted consume within 48hours.