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Summer Green Risotto

Savor the essence of summer with our delectable Summer Green Risotto. This creamy and flavorful dish combines the richness of Arborio rice with a medley of healthy green vegetables, including zucchini, spinach, asparagus, and peas. Enhanced with the refreshing zest of lemon thyme and mint, and finished with a generous topping of pecorino cheese, this risotto is a tantalizing symphony of tastes that's sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

Portion Size:  Average 400gms 

Heating instructions: Peel back one corner of the plastic cover and microwave on high for 2- 3 minutes if defrosted or 5 minutes from frozen. More time may be needed depending on your microwave.

Ingredients: Spinach, zucchini, peas, asparagus, butter, onion, garlic, vegetable stock, arborio rice, white wine, parmesan cheese, pecorino cheese, lemon, mint , oil, salt, pepper, cream, thyme.

*This is a Frozen product, once defrosted, heat and consume within 48 hours.