Dinner With Ease

Macaroni & Cheese with Crispy Bacon

Indulge your taste buds with our comforting Creamy Mac and Cheese. This ultimate comfort food classic starts with macaroni perfectly smothered in a velvety, homemade cheese sauce topped with crispy bacon pieces and grated cheese.
Every bite of our Creamy Mac and Cheese Delight is like a warm hug.

Portion Size: Average 300 grams  

Heating instructions: Peel back one corner of the plastic cover and microwave on high 2-3 minutes if defrosted or 4-5 minutes from frozen. More time may be needed depending on your microwave. 

Ingredients: Bechamel sauce- milk, butter, cheese, salt, plain flour, bacon, Pasta- durum wheat semolina.

*This is a Frozen product, once defrosted, heat and consume within 48 hours.